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Why I'm Running

My mother was a front-line Army surgical nurse during WWII. My father was a career fighter pilot in the Air Force. They led by example and taught me and my four siblings that actions speak louder than words and success is measured by results.

It’s why I became a prosecutor after law school and then went on to work for the Florida Department of Citrus as General Counsel.

When out-of-state juice companies started substituting orange juice with refined sugar and called their product 100 percent orange juice, I led the investigation to expose the juice adulteration and protect Florida growers, manufacturers, and consumers.

When diluted juice drinks were palmed off on consumers as 100 percent juice, I worked with the FDA to correct the problem. As a result, today all juice content is labeled.

And when we learned of corporations cheating on import duties, I joined up with US Customs in Operation Orange Squeeze to crack down on them and protect our Florida growers and American taxpayers.

I’m also proud of my recent work in private practice to help local juice manufacturers streamline the federal inspection bureaucracy so they can invest more in creating jobs here in Florida.

I’ve spent my life working to solve problems like these, but it seems like no one in Washington is focused on results. Too many members of Congress are putting partisan politics ahead of what’s best for our country. And our President is making it worse by using fear and hatred to divide us.

I’ve tried to make Florida a better place by working with others to get results, and I’m going to take the same approach to Congress.